Happy New Year, Everybody!  There are plenty of articles out there on how to kick start your 2016 resolutions, though follow-through can be the hardest part of any project or aspiration.  Developing workflows and "stick-to-itiveness" is a must.  These 5 (or 6) apps are helping me push toward personal and professional growth this year.

**Note that asterisks are used to show affiliate links.  Using them will score you a promotional credit with a new account, and I get credit, too.  An easy way to pay it forward.

5. Lyft** (and sometimes Uber)

Getting places in the city when you don't drive can be rough, and getting things done can mean leaving the comfy, cushy confines of home.  Lyft and Uber arrived in Philadelphia, I was hesitant to try them, though once I did, I was hooked.  The fees are relatively affordable.   It's even made date nights easier since the girlfriend as going in and out of the city is much easier if you don't need to think about parking once you get to your destination, or in the case here, when we get home. I prefer Lyft to Uber at the moment as you can tip your driver directly through the app, no cash needed.

GoButler icon

4. GoButler

As of March 18, 2015, GoButler is now a fully automated flight-booking service

GoButler is a new on-demand service that operates as a digital personal assistant using "Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence" - i.e. there is a person on the other end helping take care of the request.  Currently completely FREE,  they handle anything you could possibly want handled as long as it's legal and can be done remotely.  For example, I've used them to successfully help find vacation ideas, price compare vacuum cleaners, and schedule a haircut appointment without ever having to make a phone call.  They can sometimes be hit and miss, but for a free service, it's a definite must if you're looking for some help to push some of your to-do's forward.

3. Forest

This app's main focus is.. well, focus.  It can be hard to put down your iPhone or iPad sometimes and get things done.  The way Forest works is when you want some non-distraction time you plant a seed with a set timed interval and then leave the tree alone to grow.  If you exit out of the app before the timer has expired, the tree dies.  It's a really good way to help train yourself to develop time management skills, and minimize distractions.  I use it every day, and end up playing with my iPhone a lot less.

2.  Chill by LetGo

Chill by LetGo is an ad-supported app with the simple intention to deliver daily mindfulness quotes.  What I like most about the app is there is an option to have random mindfulness reminders sent throughout the day to remind you to pause, and breathe.  It can be hard to be present when we have so much to do.  Taking a minute or so every once in awhile can help recall focus if it's been lost.  Coming back to this moment can be a good way to reduce anxieties.  You can pay a flat fee to get rid of the ads.


1. Reminders


Reminders is the built-in  task and to-do app for iOS and OS X.  You may have goals, chores, errands, and projects, but what good is personal and professional growth if you can't remember or track your progress?  This app makes it easy.  Bonus features include Siri integration, and Shared Reminder lists for things like grocery lists and family efforts.  


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