When I’m not working, writing, or reading, I spend a lot of time with family in front of my 40” entertainment center and Apple TV.  The newest generation of Apple TVs have the added benefit of apps outside of content watching.  Today I wanted to highlight my favorite apps I use on the Apple TV.


5.  Netflix

This list wouldn’t be complete without noting the content behemoth that is Netflix.  The majority of screen time is spent in this app.  Some of the best content is available on this platform, and who doesn’t love to binge watch?  The original content on Netflix is awesome.  If you haven’t seen House of Cards or the Netflix sponsored comedy specials, that alone is worth the free trial.  When everyone told me I just had to watch New Girl, I spent a weekend getting through the first 4 seasons on Netflix before I was caught up to the most current season which brings me to the next app on the list.

4.  Hulu

Hulu Logo

When it comes to what’s on cable right now there isn't a better app to stay up to date. Hulu let's me continue my binge of the newest episodes of New Girl, and watch some of the not-so-bad Hulu originals.  Though the original content is subpar at the time of this writing in comparison to Netflix, and their base subscription plan includes commercials, it makes the idea of living without a cable subscription more approachable.

Haystack TV logo

3.  Haystack TV

I mention the Haystack TV app in an earlier blog post about my favorite iOS apps.  The Apple TV version is even more awesome.  The app curates your favorite news topics from a variety of sources, including YouTube.  The clips tend to be less than 10 minutes, and there are no commercials.  

Sonic the Hedgehog

2.  Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a remastered port of the original SEGA Genesis classic for our new Hi-Def world.  There’s not another game on the Apple TV that brings more nostalgia for me than this game.  Sitting in the basement with my little brothers spending hours in front of the system with not a care in the world.

1.  Into the Dead

If you like zombies and infinite-runner style games Into the Dead is one of those time-killers that make you say “just one more run” over and over again.  The premise of the game is simple: you must run through a landscape teeming with zombies and move left or right to dodge them and get as far as possible without dying.  The multiplayer scoreboard is the killer feature here letting you know who on your friends list has the most kills, or has run the furthest distance.