Why is Customer Service So Important?

Customer service is becoming a bigger focus for big companies, and if you want to be successful, should be at the heart of any online business model.  We live in a consumer golden age that allows for a plethora of options at every price point imaginable.  Even niche products are becoming easier to sell.  You can buy unique art on Etsy, and even fund products as they come to market via sites like Quirky and Kickstarter.  Though creating new products and services aren’t the end of the journey, it’s nearly the start.  What sets apart good businesses from great ones is the level of customer service provided after the point of sale.


I am certain you can think of a time you purchased something and for whatever reason, you needed some help.  So you fly to the internet and look the Contact Us page on their website.  Maybe there’s a number, but their hours are wonky, or maybe the Phone Support is sub-par because they don’t have great knowledge of the issue you’re calling in about.  What help is that?


 Creating great customer experiences online gets easier as the internet lowers the barrier of entry.  A solid customer service focus can enhance your reputation and creates brand loyalty.  Brand loyalty then turns into positive word of mouth advertising (for free!) which strengthens your sales.  Providing a clear and helpful knowledgeable or FAQ page is a great start, and should be reviewed and updated often, but it doesn’t stop there.  


Direct involvement with your customer base can make a break a business.  Allow and encourage product and support feedback.  No one can do everything perfect all of the time, it’s all about tweaking the plan along the way. How you handle complaints and criticism makes all the differenceAlways treat the customer respectfully. Follow up on feedback, find out how your customers want to interact with your business, and make it easy! 

Your business exists because of your customers, never forget that.  The best customer service companies in the world know that customer service is an investment, and the returns are not always immediate, but they make all the difference where it counts.